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Ein Beispiel aus dem Englischunterricht in der 4. Klasse

ein Beitrag von Moeez Awan, 4i und Mag.a Angelika Breitfuss, MA

Im Englischunterricht beschäftigten wir uns mit dem Thema Detektivgeschichten. Als Hausübung erhielten die Schüler:innen den Auftrag, eine kurze Detektivgeschichte (ca. 150 Wörter) zu schreiben. Sie sollten sich dafür ca. 20 Minuten Zeit nehmen.

Ein Schüler berichtete, dass er „einfach nicht mehr aufhören konnte zu schreiben“. Folgende Nachricht befand sich am Ende seines Textes:

„P.S.: Hello teacher, the reason this text is so long is because I started writing this like any other text, but then I noticed how much I had already written and decided to write an actual detailed and fun story.”

Danke für diesen wunderschönen Beitrag, Moeez !

Vielleicht haben wir ja einen zukünftigen Buchautor unter uns.

The Great

Ant Invasion

by Moeez Awan

Chapter 1: Odd Beginnings

It was a Wednesday afternoon, the streets were empty and the air was as cold as a snowball. On the opposite side of a fast-food joint there was a deep alley, in the darkness of it there lingered rats, racoons and, of course, rubbish. In walked Inspector Cedric Grimm, also known as C. Grimm. As he pulled back his fedora, he took out a small, rotten piece of parmesan cheese and put it next to the rubbish. “That should be enough for the day” he said. C.Grimm was a very strange but intelligent man. He often did things that no one else would even think of doing, such as pick up the ice cube that fell in front of the refrigerator. He then proceeded to unlock an old door and entered his small, rusty, old apartment. As Inspector Grimm was taking off his jacket, the phone rang. “Inspector, there has been a casualty in a hotel room near the main station. Please, investigate the crime scene as we cannot figure this out on our own,” said the other voice. The inspector hung up without responding and promptly left his apartment and got into his car. Grimm had a strange feeling, one that he had never felt before. Was it because of the rain and the chilly weather? – “No, I most likely slept in a weird position.” Even though his explanation did not make any sense he was still very satisfied with his quick thinking. Nonetheless, he did not really know the cause of this weird feeling.

Chapter 2: Most Peculiar!

When the inspector arrived at the crime scene, he saw something very strange, perhaps even stranger than himself! On the desk there was a plate of leftover salmon and lettuce. On the floor, there was a dead body. There was also a massive bloodstain. There was not much to look at, but what he saw was very disturbing. “So, what do you think?” said his assistant who was also his brother. “What? Just send me the personal data and the names of the relatives.” said the Inspector. He then demanded a glass of water and said that he would call his assistant tomorrow. Although Cedric’s brother was furious at Cedric, he complied.

The inspector sat all day staring at a blank piece of paper with all kinds of questions rushing through his mind. “Who could’ve done it?” is something he had asked himself for the thousandth time by now. The main suspects were the two brothers of the female victim. The explanation was quite simple “Well..., uh, siblings often fight over toys or money,” was the best explanation the Inspector produced. But the Inspector was not foolish. He always solved his cases professionally. Then it struck him! He remembered that the door had been locked from the inside and the window had also been shut. It couldn’t possibly have been a human since according to his brother Ron Grimm the crime had been committed in no more than 20 minutes.

Chapter 3: Crazy Inspector

The next day when the inspector called his brother Ron, he said the following, “Ron! I figured it out! I know who did it! It was an army of ants!” Disappointed, Ron replied, “GOD, CEDRIC, YOU’RE A WASTE OF TIME!” and hung up. Although his brothers’ words were hurtful Cedric wasn’t affected because he was a rightfully stubborn man who was very confident in his work and he knew that his brother was just jealous of him because he had stolen his last 2 cases and solved them with ease.

When Cedric took the results of his investigation to the officials, they were mind blown. “We have never received such a chaotic report in 20 years. Are you all, right?” But unbeknownst to them, the inspector was about to blow them away. “Well actually, notice how the room seems very dirty? I asked the staff when the room had last been cleaned, and they said that it had been thoroughly cleaned just before the murder happened. And as you can see, there are food crumbs on the far left side of the room where the window is. That can only mean that the killer escaped through the window, and he or it had to be small enough to climb through little openings. And I don’t know about you, but it seems like an ant is the only thing that fits my description” he explained. “And how do you explain the blood stain?” the officials asked. “Simple, I demand an x-ray of the body right away!” said the inspector confidently. And sure enough there were hundreds of ants in the dead body. The person had been coughing up ants to the point where he started coughing blood.

Chapter 4: The REAL killer lurks

When the inspector looked up at the staff and the officials again, he saw worried faces. It was as if they were worrying about something far greater. They started gossiping. And suddenly the inspector realised that this wasn’t a part of normal ant behaviour. A scientist had drugged the ants! But why would anybody do such a horrible thing? Not much later the office was bombarded by calls from people claiming that they had seen an army of ants’ crawl into people and kill them. The inspector was given another task; he had to figure out who the crazy scientist was and bring him to the police station. Luckily, Cedric Grimm had already found out how to get hold of the scientist: the ants were likely return to their normal behaviour once the drug exited their tiny bodies. All he had to do was capture one of the rogue ants and extract the drug to scan for fingerprints. But there was one problem, the ants always strike in armies and the ants inside the body were starting to decompose! It was a 50/50 situation. Like a brave man some may even call a “Top G” he took the risk and went on an ant-hunt. After a while, a sweaty Cedric Grimm returned to the office with something that looked like crystal meth. But inside the plastic crystal there was a living ant! Why did the inspector have a plastic box that looked like crystal meth? – Who cares! The world is being saved people, focus!

Chapter 5: Broken

After a hustle, the office staff were finally able to figure out who the murderer was with the help of one ant. The murderer was known as Bruce George Peter Lee. In the past, Bruce was a highly paid scientist who worked at a genetic engineering company called InGen, but when he was fired from his amazing job things took a turn for the worse. He lost his house, his wife left him taking both of his children with her and all his relatives left him because he could no longer give them money they didn’t need. When the police invaded Bruce’s lab, he was sitting on the edge of a table with a gun in his hand. The following words were his last; “I’m sorry, it didn’t have to be like this. I’m broken inside, I tried to get help, but my dark side showed itself, I tried to strike the world like a wave of ants. I have one final wish; Please don’t forget me.” After those heart-breaking words, the murderer known as Bruce George Peter Lee shot himself in the head and fell to the ground.

Chapter 6: Endings

After the incident that is now known as the Great Ant Invasion (GAI) statues of the victims, Inspector Cedric Grimm and the murderer were built. The world had never faced such a strange and mysterious incident before. But there is one valuable thing the Great Ant Invasion gifted us; we learned to not forget people.

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