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2k E2 Snowman Challenge!

Mit dem Schneefall Ende Jänner gab es im Englischunterricht in der 2k eine Sonderaufgabe. Es galt einen Schneemann zu bauen, die Regeln dafür wurden gemeinsam erarbeitet. Ein Foto davon sollte die Meisterwerke festhalten, leider war die einsetzende Schneeschmelze schneller als zahlreiche Schüler beim Bauen des Schneemanns. Jeder Schüler erkor anschließend seinen Lieblingsschneemann und erstellte eine genaue Beschreibung. Eine Auswahl davon können Sie im Anschluss bewundern. Mag.ᵃ Angelika Breitfuss, MA

Descriptions of the snowmen:

Jeremy, the snowman Jeremy is a friendly snowman. And a little snowman. He looks like Pinocchio, because he has a long nose. Jeremy also has a nice blue cap. He’s very pretty and lazy…. Yeah! He is really lazy. He hates to learn, do his homework or tidy his room. He’s always busy doing nothing, because you know, he’s lazy! Jeremy is also very funny. He likes to tell jokes. One joke is, “ A cement mixer has collided with a prison van. Motorists are asked to look out for 16 hardened criminals.” Yeah,…. Jeremy is a nice snowman. Aleksandar, 2k

Snowie Snowie is a very lazy snowman. It, he…ähhmm…. I should say him. Alright. Sooo, he is very lazy and he likes to sit on a bench in the park surrounded by trees, looking at the birds. He’s not doing any other stuff like building an igloo or having a snowball fight. He’s lame, pretty lame and lazy and always tired and he is scared of the sun. I don’t know why! The sun is so warm and hot and I think maybe a little, little, little, little, little bit too hot for a snowman, because on the next day I didn’t find him! But I think I will easily find him, because he always wears a scarf and a hat. He also has stick-hands and a carrot nose. So I think I should be able to find him. Wish me luck! Alexander, 2k

Jeremy Jeremy, the snowman, is very friendly. He likes to play ice hockey and he wins every time because he learned it from a good coach. Jeremy eats snow and loves sweets. He is wearing a big hat and a scarf. When he gets angry he melts. He has two long legs and a carrot nose with stones as eyes. Another thing he likes to do is to build a snow castle with a lock and more cool things. He doesn’t like when there is no snow and when he becomes sad there is a rain cloud above him. Christian, 2k

This is Stuart, the snowman. He looks like a small guy. He has a long carrot nose and big stone eyes. Stuart is wearing a scarf and a little hat which is too small for his big head. He is often very dirty because he is playing in the dirt. He doesn’t like warm weather and the sun, instead he loves it when it is very cold and snowing. Stuart is very lazy, he is standing in the garden all day and watching the birds. He also likes games with snow. His favourite food is chocolate ice cream and he doesn’t like hot tea and coffee. Stuart wishes you all a nice winter. David, 2k

Svenjamin, the snowman Svenjamin is a snowman. He’s sitting in front of my house on a bench. On his head there is a cylinder hat. He wears a checked scarf. In his face there are stone eyes and a stone mouth. He also has a carrot nose. He looks a bit like an old man. He’s very friendly, but he’s sitting in the cold and he’s sometimes sad. He waves at everyone. Svenjamin doesn’t like the sun, because he melts in the sun. He really likes cricket, that is his favourite activity. He also likes jazz music. When he hears the music, he begins to dance around the bench. He would like to cook, but he can’t go inside a house. Fabio, 2k

This is Henry, he is a small snowman. He looks like a child. Henry is a very polite snowman. His job is to clean up the garden and he is the guard of the garden. His hobbies are playing with the other snowmen, for example snowball battle, carrot snatching, making snow animals and hide and seek. Henry is very happy, but he doesn’t have a family. He has only the cat and the people, but he wants an own family. He sometimes looks sad. Florian, 2k

My snowman The snowman’s name is Emil. He wears a very nice hat. His hat is black and very small. The snowman is looking very friendly. He has a big smile on his face. He has a red scarf and the scarf is very long. His carrot nose is short. Emil is looking happy because he is standing in a snowy garden. Emil is a very big snowman. He has got long arms. He can touch you very easily. He is very cold because he is a snowman. Emil can play nice games with you. I’m very friendly to Emil. It is the best snowman in the world. Jonas, 2k

The snowman The snowman looks very nice. He’s laughing and has a little nose. He wears a hat and he has one arm. I think standing was too much for him so he sat down. The scarf warms the snowman and he looks very happy. Nothing can make him sad anymore. The snow is his best friend and he’s very proud about his work. In the park he thinks it is the best game because he is alone and he must do nothing. That makes him happier. He doesn’t have shoes because the snow comes only in the winter every year. Laurent, 2k

Jimmy, the little snowman Jimmy is really little. The family call him “Jimmy, the little snowman”. He has two stone eyes, a hat and a scarf. He likes to play with his friends and to play football. He is really friendly. His favourite time is the winter, he doesn’t like the summer. Jimmy goes to the snowman school. Jimmy’s favourite subject is Physical Education. He is in class 2i. His birthday is on 27th January. He hates cats. Marco, 2k

I am going to tell you a few things about my favourite snowman Joey. He is not tall, but he is very skinny. He has an orange nose, a scarf around his neck and he always wears his black hat. Joey is a very nice person. He is very polite and friendly. One day he was walking in the street and there was an old lady with a bag full of groceries. After he saw her, he immediately went to help her cross the street. It was very nice of him. His favourite activity is sitting. Funny thing, he is a little bit lazy, but he’s very skinny. Yup, that’s my friend, Joey, the snowman. Mihai, 2k

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