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Englisch in der 3i

ein Beitrag von Clemens Barth und Valentin Grillo, 3i


I'm Clemens Barth and I'm a proud student in class 3i. In English class with Prof. Breitfuss we read a book called “The London Eye Mystery” by Siobhan Dowd.


“The London Eye Mystery” follows the siblings Ted and Kat as they investigate the mysterious disappearance of their cousin Salim. By using Ted’s unique way of thinking, they work through clues and eventually uncover the truth behind Salim’s disappearance.

As part of our assignments, we delved deeply into the book "The London Eye Mystery." We discussed the contents and also had the opportunity to read it together as a class. Every week, we had different tasks, such as drawing a family tree or creating a police investigation board.

Working on "The London Eye Mystery" was incredibly enriching for me. The book is not only thrilling and entertaining but also shows themes such as friendship, family and the importance of truth and trust.

I hope you gained insight into our work.

Best regards,

Clemens Barth

Clemens Barth

Valentin Grillo

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